for 99% of enterprise software

Imagine a table. A work table. It’s landscape, right?
Landscape I mean its width is more, than its height when you approach the table to do some work.

Why so?

It’s because of your anatomy. Because of your arms.
Everything is handy with landscape table, right?

And when everything is handy, your arms become super multi tools and you can do your work faster and better.

The same with software.

Especially with enterprise software, that we hire to do some work.
That’s why software for work is usually a fullscreen app. Because we need all our working table, all our desktop (and sometimes even several desktops at a time) to do our work. Because we want everything handy (no scrolls, no clicks, but just right here and right now) to be able to do our work as fast and as better as we can. And then we want to go live our personal life.

So, my question is: how on Earth can we waste our working table space? And for what, guys? For nothing! Take a look:

It’s not a blog post, guys! It’s an enterprise app! We’re creating an issue!
We are not for entertainments here! We are working, guys!
Why so tiny-ass-form? We want to spread it out!

Fuck that width!
How on Earth can we waste display height??
Working table height is even less than its width, guys! Take a look:

Scroll down 30% each time to get my data in front of me?
Are you kidding?

As to me it’s not acceptable to waste enterprise app screen, both height and width (and the height especially, because the height is less than the width).

We need to be more thoughtful when we add something to the height.
We need to think dozen times and find a way to avoid adding an element to the height. It must be critical element to a workflow to be worthy to occupy the height of our lovely working table.

We need to be more thoughtful when we limit width.
We need to think dozen times before we limit the width. It must be a really-better-working-when-narrow element to be allowed to occupy less, than 100% of the available width.

Don’t waste your pixels. But don’t restrain them as well.
Just remember, that every pixel is counting.
And think more in terms of work table.

Thank you!

I write about practical and effective techniques that help me and my colleagues in everyday software development and testing.

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