Why User eXperience is so important?

I read “Secrets of Closing the Sale” (by Zig Ziglar) now and he writes:

Selling is essentially a transference of feeling.

and then he explains this statement a little bit more:

If I can make you feel about my product the way I feel about my product, you are going to buy my product if there is any way in the world you can come up with the money.

— and this is an awesome statement!

Do you know why is it so important to make someone feel about something? This is because humans — are not thinking beings who started feeling, but we are feeling beings who started thinking.

I mean, that feelings is much more powerful thing, which controls our subconscious. We often act irrationally, being lead by our feelings. And then we let our rationale to justify all we did or did not.

Buying something we always buy a better version of ourselves. And that new version just feels better, than we feel ourselves at the moment of sale. You have a problem — and you buy a solution for that problem.

We always want to feel better, we want to feel excited, we want to feel ourselves as supermans — to reach the state of joy and become happier.

And happy people — are very productive people. Because happiness leads to multiplicative positive changes in your life, which bring you even more joy and even more happiness.

Outstanding UX makes people feel themselves superpowered. Tools with superior UX become an extensions of your arms. Services with superior UX become smooth and transparent delegations. Tools and services with great User eXperience increase quality of people’s life.

That’s why User eXperience is so important.

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