This is a brilliant idea and it is also known as a Trinity doctrine in Christianity: the Father (thought), the Son (word, speech) and the Holy Spirit (action) — they are all about the same and they are different at the same time. And the Holy Spirit in an image of pigeon “tops”, “is an executive for” both the Father and the Son. I.e. it’s so crucial. This means, that animadversion of the Father is “fine” (if you “believe in another God” it is fine), animadversion of the Son is also “fine” (if you “read or pray in another religion” it is also fine), but animadversion of the Holly Spirit is not “fine” (if you “don’t practice, don’t act the way you believe and pray” — this is not fine and this will harm you).

That’s why if what you think, what you say/write and what you do is the same (are in harmony), then you get closer to the God (closer to the “universal state of joy and happiness”).

And that’s why this article is about “what you DID today” shapes who you are. Not what you thought or what you talked about, but what you DID, what you EXECUTED.

Cool, right? I really like this! :)

Thanks, Ben!

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