Thanks for an article, Nick!

It remembered me another very important thing, which indirectly connected with Progress Trackers and Sign up Funnels:

Sure, it’s easier to just run down the forms and fill the fields with garbage (“asdsadklja” “123usadfjasld” “snaxn2q9e7”) in order to plow through them quickly. But that’s not real. That’s not what your customers are going to do. Is it really smart to take a shortcut when customers are forced to take the long road? When you just enter fake copy in rapid-fire fashion, you don’t know what it really feels like to fill out that form.

Getting Real, Use Real Words

I mean, Progress Trackers always connected with busy forms, and they can make you feel free to add more and more input fields there. But don’t do it! Instead, you’d better pass through your funnels dozen times to understand what annoys, could be simplified, taken away, etc.

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