One most important thing to keep on going

Before we continue, let’s take a look at these beautiful creatures of nature:

Bionics — is a science, which studies biological methods and systems to design modern advanced applications and engineering systems. It accepts, that nature is much smarter than we do. It accepts, that we need to stick to nature’s laws, if we want to build things, that better solve problems.

We often build solutions that do not work in real life.
Nature builds for real all the time. All. The. Time.

But does nature experiment? Does it build and destroy? Does it change the environment? Yes, it does it. It does it all the time.

Can we do the same in our life?

Yes, we can. But we need to study from nature to stick to it’s laws.

Let’s practice a little right now? I mean, let’s learn something from nature right now?! Look at the pictures.

Did you notice, that all the animals are pretty symmetric towards their head? Why do they need that kind?

To be balanced while they move towards. Right?

And the balance — is the key. It is the most important thing, that allows you to endlessly move forward, while being fully operational.

Balance your life to keep on going wherever you want.
Balance your life to be healthy while your journey.
Balance your life to be happy.

Because if you get unbalanced, you eventually get broken and then crash.

Thank you!

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