Once I’ve read from Bruce Lee: “Put into one room masters of different martial arts — and they will just seat, talk to each other, have tea and will be agree on everything! Put into the same room their students — and the students will content, wrangle, and even a fight could happen there!”

There’s also an eastern proverb: “A lot pathways leads to the top of the mountain, but everyone at the end sees the same Moon…”

And there’s an american joke of a speech between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone:
— “Right, Arni?”
— “Yeah, Sylvester!”
Which means: there’s nothing to talk about, when you are on the same level: you’ll be always agree and on the same page! :)

And this happens everywhere: when you study and master anything (read about “10k hours of practice”), then it is easy for you to study and master anything else, because you can build parallels and fill the gaps of knowledge, using principles from one domain of knowledge to another. For example, in aikido martial art students study both the fight, the calligraphy and the tea ceremony. Why so? Because they are 3 paths in the 3 different domains: tactile, visio and smell. They are 3 different pathways leading the warior to see the same Moon :)

But it is important to have pathways in different domains — so you can avoid procrastination and just switch to another domain, when you tired and exhausted in another. For example you: you have your intellectual, mindful work as a software engineer and then you switch to a physical activity. When you tired at work you switch to gym. When restoring from gym, then working at office. Add even more activities from other different domains like painting or sketching or calligraphy or cooking or sommelier courses, etc.— and they all will build you up and support you all around. You’ll be on a constant progress of self-development and others will not understand how you’ve got this all done!

As to me, I’ve built parallels in 3 types of relationships: man-woman, director-employee, producer-customer. For example, parallel man-woman vs producer-customer is in this article: https://medium.com/saas-done-right/marketing-is-a-love-story-e5bce329c4ce — I hope you’ll enjoy it! :)

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