Hola, Luca!

Thank you for your response! I agree with you. But only particularly. Let me explain.

I am confident about no such thing as being “right” or “wrong”. No such thing as writing test cases right or wrong way. Because everything “depends”. Depends on context of appliance I mean. I.e. in some conditions your test-driven approach executes well on purpose, in some conditions my “cement” approach rulez. Right? There is no universal solution, I mean.

That’s why I just described the commonly applied case when companies use manual test cases to test and release product fast. And then they automate some of these if they need to. That’s why some graphs with the cost of automation appliance appeared.

That’s it. For a lot of products your test-cases driven TDD, BDD, etc. approaches fit the purpose. But there is also another world. And there is no need to change it, “improve” it with autotests. It already lives it’s live fine and it has all the rights to exist and live this way.

Hope you liked this answer and agree too! :)

Gracias amigo por el comentario!

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