Hi, Mizuho Toyoda!

SQA Mate is all about manual test cases design (tests for manual execution) and about reducing costs of test cases management for manual test cases.

For most web development projects in 2019 you’d probably want to use not manual, but auto tests, right? That’s why take a look towards https://cucumber.io/ maybe? BDD frameworks are pretty good for new web projects because BDD reduces costs of risks.

But I know, that even for modern web projects sometimes you need test cases management systems that host manual test cases (see my post When to automate?) and for this case I really like and use my system — SQA Mate. Because it has a philosophy under the hood (see my post Why does SQA Mate exist?)— which gives it a chance to evolve successfully. And it supports BDD style of test cases — which makes transition from no-test-cases -> manual-test-cases -> auto-test-cases more seamless and natural.

Thank you for your question! And feel free to ask me more! :)

I write about practical and effective techniques that help me and my colleagues in everyday software development and testing.

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