December’2020 update


Test cases…


  • clean icon means: “empty inside”
  • icon with dot means: “something inside, but not steps”
  • icon with lines means: “steps inside”
Test cases tree in SQA Mate test cases management system


  • leave test cases without steps;
  • leave test cases without anything inside but the titles;
  • put information in test suites description;
  • etc.


“What job do we hire Test Reports for?” article is in progress. Wait for it!


Screenshot from SQA Mate online pairwise test case generation tool

Details of the approach

Current situation

Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Windows, Linux, MacOS
Safari, Windows
Safari, Linux

“Hotkeys” feature usage stats

SQA Mate pairwise tool stats for June 2019 — December 2020

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash


Why did this class appeared?


Image credit: Intercom blog

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